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Need to send a one-off special shipment? We can transport your delicate or valuable item with extra special care, quickly and reliably. Sure we can. To give your special item the care it needs, we will send it by one of our time critical services. Tell us that this shipment needs special handling when you book.

What's your business?
We can handle it. Whatever you need to get from A to B, however special, delicate or urgent, we can help.

Dangerous goods services

We advise you on the classification of your goods. We handle the documentation. Our experienced and qualified experts will transport your goods in specially equipped vehicles for maximum safety.

Secure transport

Our in-house security experts can advise you on transporting high value goods. We use specially built and alarmed vehicles which are tracked using GPS technology.

Clinical Express services

Our unique urgent delivery service for the medical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. For more information about Clinical Express services click here

We also handle...

Perishable loads in temperature controlled environments and delicate shipments. You may also be interested in... ...our industry expertise in healthcare, hi-tech and computing, telecoms and electronics, automotive, industrial or textiles and fashion
Special Handling
                                                                                                                                                         Time Critical Services
Whatever you need to deliver, whenever it needs to be there, you can call on EMS Air to deliver.

An immediate response

When you call, we collect immediately and deliver non-stop using the fastest means, whether aircraft, road vehicle or motorcycle the fastest and most direct route

We work round the clock

We work round the clock to collect and deliver the same day for the most urgent shipments. We offer two time critical services, Dedicated Express and Special Express. Our Dedicated Express service Whatever transport is needed, we provide a vehicle or courier dedicated to your delivery. We carry your shipment direct to its destination, outside our network.

Special Express, Totally flexible

These are unique solutions for you, providing whatever you need including out of hours pick-up and delivery tiems no limitations on the size or weight of the shipment

You may also be interested in....

....our special handling services which we can combine with a time critical delivery, if your shipment needs high security, delicate handling or environmental control. Just let us know when you book. ...our sameday service Do you need a reliable sameday?
Need to send a one-off special shipment?
We offer some of the most flexible freight solutions available anywhere. So no matter how large, heavy or unusual the load, we can deliver it, worldwide. Sure we can. Our air freight services for the fastest, reliable carriage. Our road freight service takes your shipment direct, non-stop. Our sea freight services can dovetail with our road and air networks for onward carriage.

When we carry your freight we also:

handle the import/export formalities for you provide you with full track-and-trace visibility

Optional Extras
In addition to the standard features, we offer a range of optional extras. Just ask our representative when you call. Insurance

We offer coverage against physical loss or damage for documents, packages and freight

Exceptional pick-up and delivery times

We can collect and deliver outside normal business hours, including: after the end of the working day delivery on weekends when necessary

Priority handling

Available on Express and Economy Express services. The Priority label gives you and your customer extra confidence that your shipment receives priority attention throughout the delivery network.

We can provide standard EMS Air packaging for your shipments: envelopes, satchels and tubes for documents of different sizes boxes for 2, 5, 8 and 12 kg shipments bottlepaks for safe transit of liquid, such as wine in bottles Check with your local representative for availability. You may also be interested in our useful packaging tips section to ensure your shipment arrives in perfect condition. 
Delivery has never being made so easy
Delivery has never being made so easy